The next generation
of mobile interaction design

Pixate empowers you to create sophisticated animations and interactions that come to life through 100% real, native iOS and Android prototypes—from design to prototype, without the code.

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With Pixate, building
prototypes is simple and visual

No complex animation frameworks. No clunky simulation tools. Simply an intuitive design tool that empowers you to communicate and iterate ideas seamlessly and visually.

Producing 100% real, native
iOS and Android prototypes

Native components. Native frameworks. Native dynamics. Experience your ideas the way they’re meant to be experienced— on device and at full fidelity.

That express complex,
sophisticated interactions

Delightful details. Immersive motion. Expressive interactions designed for a touch-based world. Move past clickable mockups and perfect the feel of your mobile designs.

It’s That Easy

Now let’s view your generated prototype on device. View Prototype


  • Header
  • Circle
  • Chart
  • Tiles
  • Icons


Double Tap
Long Press



This is a prototype created with Pixate,
complete with native components, native gestures,
and complex, seamless animations.

See Prototype in Action

Built from the ground up
for today’s mobile designers

Powerful Prototyping

Full native performance. Full native fidelity. The prototypes you create with Pixate act and feel like the real thing, because they are.

Cross-platform & Adaptive

No matter what’s next in technology you’ll be ready. Pixate can build prototypes for any screen size and any pixel density on both iOS and Android.

Interactive & Realtime

Changes are applied in realtime as you build prototypes with Pixate, allowing you to design interactively and tweak animations as you go.

Built for Teams

Pixate is designed to work great with teams, keeping everyone’s prototypes centralized, shareable, and accessible wherever you go.

Flexible Workflow (Soon)

Import your assets and layouts directly from Photoshop and Sketch, or integrate directly with prototype data via Pixate’s open file format.

Developer Ready (Soon)

Make effortless engineering handoffs with spec sheets, raw data, and ready-to-build native Objective-C/Swift and Android applications.

We’re working with some of the top
design teams in the world