The next generation of mobile interaction design.

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Design complex interactions, without the complexity.

Today’s best apps come alive with delightful interactions and animations. But prototyping and perfecting these experiences forces designers into an unfamiliar world. A world full of complicated animation frameworks, clunky simulation tools, and tedious native code. It’s time for something better.

We’re building a new platform for mobile interaction design. With it, you can create sophisticated animations and interactions, and refine your designs through 100% native prototypes for iOS and Android. All without writing a single line of code.

Stay in the loop and get early access. In the meantime, check out Freestyle and follow @Pixate for updates.

We’re working with some of the top design teams in the world:

  • Flipboard
  • Yahoo!
  • Goodreads
  • Slack


We’re really excited about what we’re building and can’t wait to show it to you. Until then, watch Pixate in action on our blog. Also, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or requests, and we'll be in touch soon.