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A prototype of several views and interactions in the Pinterest app. A contextual menu will appear with a long press gesture, and the prototype includes full-fidelity transitions from the main feed to a pin detail page, the modal transition when pinning, and the view transition when viewing a pin board.

Try it on your own
Scan the QR code to the left using the Pixate app, or visit this URL on your iOS or Android device:

Pixate files

Grab these Pixate files to play with this prototype on your own and learn how to recreate it. You can open Pixate files in Pixate Studio, or import them into your account.

Starter file
Contains all the assets you need to rebuild this prototype on your own. Recreating a prototype is a great way to learn Pixate.
Finished protoype
All of the final layers, interactions, and animations. See how things work, or use as a template for your own designs.